Presiden IDN Global 2019~2021


IDN Global is pleased to host Congress of Indonesian Diaspora (CID) – 6 that will be held virtually on 14 August 2021. With COVID-19 pandemic in the backdrop, we have chosen a forward-looking theme for CID-6: “Post COVID-19: A Stronger Indonesia with Diaspora” as we are confident that Indonesia will emerge stronger and better after the pandemic with the active participation and contribution of the different elements of the society including the diaspora.

For CID-6, we will bring together diaspora from various walks of life to deliberate together with Indonesian policy makers in virtual rooms on how Indonesia can recover better after the pandemic. In addition to our usual line up of high caliber seminars, CID-6 will also (i) feature music ensemble from diaspora across the world, (ii) showcase what our diaspora communities in different continents across the globe have been doing; and (iii) hold open forum between Indonesian policy makers and our diaspora as well as our diaspora with the public. In sum, we intend to make this CID an unforgettable event.

Our motto in IDN Global is “Connecting the Dots, Expanding the Opportunities.” We remain true to this in our activities in the past two years and will showcase this even more in CID-6. We look forward to seeing you there. Salam Diaspora!

— Said Zaidansyah (Presiden IDN Global 2019~2021)

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